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Kairi decided this year she wanted a cinema party as shes turning 4 (FOUR, can you believe it!). We searched around and found we have a Wildwood in our local area so we popped in to find out more and booked straight away.

Wildwood hosts a private cinema room that you can book out to watch any film you wish (a choice of those that are out on DVD). For £95 you hire a private room (with film of your choosing) and have unlimited free popcorn and jugs of squash. For a very small fee extra you can have unlimited candyfloss too and as it was such a great price we decided to add it on.

Wildwood Cinema Party

At midday we turned up and were quickly seated at our table, the theme was different from anywhere we had been before, the restaurant had a posh and romantic feel while still managing to stay completely family friendly at the same time.

The center-right of the restaurant hosted a stone pizza oven and the back right hosted a children's play area. I could see exactly how Wildwood could be amazing for couples who want an evening out with a movie, as well as families who would like a luxurious dinner that is well priced and takes away all the usual restaurant stress with children.

We had 14 of us for our meal (7 Adults, 5 Children and 2 Babies) so we were seated in a nice private area at the back. The walls were lined with shelves full of pasta, wine and other ingredients and the waitress was extremely friendly and quick to help us with anything we needed.

We took a look at both the menu and the specials and ordered a wide range of dishes between us all complete with exciting new drinks like raspberry lemonade. Our food arrived promptly and we were amazed at the quality and taste. Every meal had that little extra touch to make you say wow and the presentation was spot on.

Most of the children ordered pizza, which was the size of an adults individual when it turned up! Our girls had chicken, chips and peas and ate every single piece. It was so nice to see them enjoying their meal. After our meal the children all had desserts which of course they all loved.

Wildwood Pizza

The prices were really good, £5.95 for a child meal including a drink and a dessert. Adults pain roughly £15 for a pizza, burger or pasta main and a drink.

After our meal we met with all of Kairi's guests at the front of the store a member of staff started handing out popcorn, drinks and candyfloss and we all made our way upstairs.

Wildwood Burger

Once we were in the cinema room I was again amazed. The seats were comfy leather sofas and with my first look, I knew it was going to be an amazing experience. Kairi rushed down the the front taking all her friends by the hands and they sat in the first row together (it is amazing how many little bums could fit!)

While the film was on we could go grab as much popcorn, squash and candyfloss as we wanted. The smell of the popcorn was so good and the cherry flavored candyfloss tasted amazing and has had me wanting more all week.

Wildwood Cinema

As Moana sang, Kairi got up with her friends and danced and sang too. As a parent, it was amazing to watch and brought tears to my eyes to see her so happy. I wish I could have recorded it.

Once the movie was over the staff told us not to worry about any mess (which was very reassuring with all those children) and we made our way downstairs to leave.

Wildwood Cinema

Throughout the whole experience, the staff were friendly, helpful and really made Kairi's party a success. Wildwood is a fantastic place not only to dine but to watch a movie with friends too. As a family we will defiantly be going back soon to share a movie and meal again.

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