Because life is worth celebrating: Week 1

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Every Sunday I receive an email from YouBabyMeMummy about her 'Happy List' for the week. I love the way Aby takes the time each week to write down the things that she loves and have made her happy. When I started Mummies Waiting 5 years ago, it was to track mine and my children's lives and to celebrate the great but along the way, that has been pushed to the side and now Aby's weekly emails have inspired me to bring our celebration back. So I'm starting a new weekly series to celebrate our lives, 'Because life is worth celebrating'.

Mummies Waiting Week 1

  1. Running a Home Ed group.
    I've really enjoyed making new friends and coming up with new tuff tray ideas.
  2. Kairi wearing a Christmas jumper in July.
    She knew how much I love Christmas and miss it, so when she got herself dressed, she put on a Christmas jumper just for me! #ChristmasInJuly
  3. Wriggletots.
    This week Kairi received a certificate, balloon and book mark for graduating. I can't believe she is officially too old for toddler groups now.
  4. Best Friends.
    The girls have drawn me so many pictures this week, I especially love the one of us as best friends with beaming smiley faces.
  5. Dressing up.
    As the girls often change their clothes multiple times a day, they were in their princess dress up when we went out. I loved the photo of them running together down by the river and I'm very grateful for their Adventure Belts keeping them safe (and holding their dresses up).
  6. Matching outfits.
    Ryan will always tell me they are single people, but there is nothing cuter than matching dresses, hair the same and backpacks on while they walk happily to visit nanny.
  7. Capturing funny moments.
    I'm so glad I caught the moment that Kairi 'breastfed' Naminé and Nam bit her! Kairi's face is a picture to remember forever and the perfect story to tell when they are older.
  8. Date with daddy.
    The girls got to go to the outdoor cinema with daddy this week, it was so nice for them to have time together. Even if I did just sit round the corner doing nothing just in case.
  9. Orange Card.
    I took my mum out for dinner with my #OrangeCard this week. Free Thaikun and it was SO tasty!
  10. Cuddle with the pooch.
    I love how Coco will just lay on me and sleep, hes so cute and I love him so much.
  11. Skater Girl.
    Kairi has been asking for skates for months now and with our money situation not being the best I wasn't sure when we would be able to get her any, so I was so glad when we picked these up from the charity shop for £3. Shes been practicing with them in the house so much.
  12. Beautiful Sights.
    We are so lucky to live near so many beautiful sights. This weekend we visited the park, river and Cathedral. Perfect.
  13. Ryan.
    I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband. I love the fact that Ryan is so supportive of me being at home and helping me to provide so many wonderful activities for our children.
So many things to celebrate this week, I am so glad I took the time to write this post as It just felt like a normal week and now I feel it has been amazing.

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