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Being crazy about holidays, we knew exactly what we were looking for as a family. Pools, all inclusive, family activities and evening entertainment. We came across the Family Life Ocean Islantilla (a Tui Family Life resort) and instantly knew it was the hotel for us.

On arriving at the hotel we were greeted by staff and offered welcome drinks as we checked in. Champagne for the adults and orange juice for the children/those who were not drinking. (However the staff also grabbed fizzy for those that wanted something different).

Tui Family Life Ocean Islantilla

The Room

We were quickly checked in and went straight up to our rooms. My family had a junior suite, while my mum and sister shared a master suite. The room was a crisp white with blue touches. The furniture was Ikea style and the whole theme worked really well.

Tui Family Life Ocean Islantilla Room

Each bedroom had 1 double wardrobe with sliding mirror doors (shelves one side and a hanging rail the other) complete with 1 safe per suite, which you had to get a key and lock for from reception. The beds were comfy, even the pull out bed in the lounge was really nice to sleep on.

Each suite had a bath/shower, large sink area, sofa, television and a small kitchen. The rooms had everything we needed, although we did have many issues; unclean, furniture/fittings falling apart and general maintenance issues.


The pools warmed up surprisingly fast, however it was a disappointment that the indoor pool had to be paid for meaning we couldn't access the Jacuzzi. The kids pool had a small slide and was the perfect height for little ones but sadly the area was covered in animal faeces. The largest pool was perfect, it had a section to the left which was just the right height for toddlers to paddle round in and it had a cover over it too.

Tui Family Life Ocean Islantilla Pool

During the day there were plenty of activities on in and around the pool. The Animation team were fantastic and really made the hotels atmosphere great. We took part in water polo and tried out the team games but the grass around the hotel was covered in nettles which made it hurt to stand on unless you had shoes (and flipflops just weren't made for running). The activities we did get to see were great fun, the only issue was that the activities board wasn't updated and the PA wasn't loud enough so we missed out on most of the activities. Hopefully these are both issues that have been solved now its no longer the beginning of the season.

Tui Family Life Ocean Islantilla Food

Around the main pool were 2 bars. These were perfectly situated so that no matter what pool or area of the hotel you sat in you could easily get a drink. The main pool bar had drinks and snacks throughout the day, the coffee bar had a quieter atmosphere and was situated near the quite/bed area of the hotel. Inside the main part of the hotel were help yourself fizzy and tea stations so you could get drinks at any time day or night.

The hotel had a few places to get food. The main restaurant was nice, it was very repetitive but pasta, pizza, salad, freshly cooked eggs and meats and a variety of deserts made for tasty meals. The Al-la-carte was outside (the day time snack bar but in the evening) and was a tapas menu. The food was brought out with little/no explanation but it all tasted really nice, just beware if you have allergies. The day time snack bar was mostly chips, burgers, nuggets and ice-cream, very simple but perfect for next to the pool.

Tui Family Life Ocean Islantilla  Soft Play

There were a variety of local alcohol (brands could be paid for) all set out on a menu, fizzy, chocolate milk, hot drinks as well as fruit juice were available all day and until late in the evening. The bar was situated away from the entertainment area in the evening. It wasn't too far, but you couldn't see the entertainment or you family from the bar and it was an issue when talking more than 2 drinks over or if you are an only parent (which was a pain being a family of 4).

Tui Family Life Ocean Islantilla Breakfast

For children there was a small play park on site and 3 different kids clubs. Our children used the kids club once but we were very upset when they were left crying and we were not contacted, so we all choose for them not to go back. In the evening a children's disco was split into 2, the younger child's first and then the oldest. As a family we completely loved joining in and laughing with the amazing evening team.

The evening entertainment over all really was the highlight of the holiday. We had so much fun taking part and watching the shows. The team were fantastic and really did put so much effort into every single show. You could see their passion for what they did, they left you wanting more every night and we will probably never get their songs out of our heads!

Tui Family Life Ocean Islantilla Animation Team

The area around the hotel was very dull, I would't advise booking this hotel if you like to explore. There were not many trips on offer and those that were Tui decided to cancel. You could walk out of the back gate and within 2 minutes you were on the beach and enjoying the sea. A 10 minute walk down the road was a shopping center that had a handful of open shops. There wasn't much there, but it was a nice change of scenery and had a few nice playgrounds on the way.

Tui Family Life Ocean Islantilla Pool Bar

Over all the evening staff at the hotel were fantastic, the entertainment great and the hotel well laid out. The hotel had a few teething problems, but hopefully these are all sorted out now. If this hotel is truly a family life, I wouldn't put them on par with the holidays villages, its more like a normal hotel with the perk of an animation team,

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