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We started Wriggletots back in January this year. We were looking for something new to do that would get the girls moving, but didn't involve me sitting in a room full of screaming children! I wanted them to get some exercise and have fun too.

Wriggletots is a music and movement class for children aged 0-4 years. The classes are split into two groups 0-2 and 2-4 (though they are VERY happy to go to 1 group if you have children different ages - like me). At Wriggletots, we sing, dance, play instruments and the teacher (in our case Linda) is very enthusiastic. The group is of course aimed at the children, but week after week, you can see the adults having fun too!

Each session has a theme and routine to it. Which is fantastic to get your children ready to move on to the nursery, school or more structured home education. The theme changes each week, of the top of my head, we have had Disney, Jungle, Sea, Summer and things that move. (though that may not be the correct names, you get the point).

Everyone enters the room, sits down and cleans their hands (I was very impressed with the way Wriggletots protect the spread of germs as you will see). Linda starts the class by announcing, 'Happy Monday Wrigglers'. You can see the excitement spread around the room as we get ready to sing our first song. We wave and sing the hello song followed by our first circle dance which is based on that class' theme.

Wriggletots Ely Toddler Group

Next, the children all rush over to the table to work out which box they think is first. Linda will ask them first to listen to an instrument which she plays behind her back and then guess what it is. Once they know she will then shake each bucket and get them to work out which color bucket that instrument is in. We play the instruments different ways, to different beats and also quietly and very loud, then we have free play to a song that goes along with the theme.

I'm not going to spoil the whole session order for you, but I will let you know a few other bits! For every term there is 1 song that we all learn the actions to and dance to every week. It's usually very silly and fun, but always becomes the children's favorite. Each week we have a lap song, which is really nice to have someone to one time with your child and just take a couple of minutes out of what is usually a very busy day.

Wriggletots Ely Toddler Group

We also have Wrigglemix, Wrigglemix is my favourite part of the session as I'm always excited trying to guess what is going to be in the bucket! We've had bubbles, silk scarfs, parachute and balls, teddies (which was quite possibly the sweetest one ever), obstacle course and dress up.

As today was the last session of term and Kairi will be too old in September, she was given a certificate, balloon and bookmark, while everyone congratulated her for 'graduating' Wriggletots. It was such a lovely was to end her journey there and it also made me think all about how Wriggletots has changed the girls in these short 6 months.

This is a quote from me just after the first term. They have continued to grow and change since this and today I was amazed at how well both the girls (but especially Naminé) could keep to a beat.

"Wriggletots had helped Kairi find her voice in the world and made her so outgoing. Weekly we walk through the door and Kairi leaves me her coat and runs off to talk to Linda, she does all the activities wither by herself or with Linda and rarely glances back to check that I am there!  

These new life skills that Kairi has learnt in wriggle tots are transferring out of the group too, at a birthday party one week (at a place we had never been to, with hardly anyone she knew) she went off and played without me, at food time she sat herself down, ate and took herself to the toilet. I didn't need to sit next to her, she was even looking after her sister too. They played pass the parcel and I only knew when her nanny said to me 'what have you been doing with Kairi, she's so outgoing? She's just ran up to me to tell me she's played pass the parcel and won'. This is honestly a massive change and I just wanted to thank Linda and wriggle tots for your amazing group, you have help Kairi to grow, play and learn, she can be herself all while in a safe environment.

Naminé has come right out of her shell to now, I go with them both and they leave me to dance with Linda! It's amazing to see them both change and grow and it's been fantastic for me to let off some steam and laugh."

Wriggletots Ely Toddler Group

If you are looking for a music and movement group in the area, then defiantly give Wriggletots a try and if you are looking for something different for your children check out our post on Mini Professors.

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