Because Life Is Worth Celebrating : Week 4

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This week has been amazing! It feels like it has been so long since I have been able to say that, but I really hope the tables are finally turning for us. I'm so glad I started my celebratory list last month (a month already!) looking back on the moments I have been celebrating is amazing.

So below is my 'Becuase Life Is Worth Celebrating' Week 4!

Because life is worth celebrating - my list of reasons i'm celebrating this week

1. Spontaneous trips to the park
This week we have ended up at the park so many times, none of them however planned. My favourite was when we turned up to a group and it wasn't open it (I had planned for this to happen), so I just casually said 'Oh well, perhaps we will have to spend some time at the park then'. Their faces were a picture!

2. Trail at Ely Cathedral
We are so lucky that Ely Cathedral has a *mostly* free drop-in every school holiday. You can drop into the Cathedral between the set times and create, build and play. Each week is a different theme and there is a trail to do too. The girls love taking the train around the Cathedral, learning new things and finding the treasures! It's so nice to see them working together as a team.

3. Being hired as Aby's VA
I have followed Aby and have been a great fan of her work for a while now. She's an amazing lady and the passion she has to help others is something we have in common and hers really shows through. I was so honoured, excited, amazing *insert so many happy emotions here* when she asked me to be her VA this week! It's only been 2 days, but I'm already loving it.

4. Making Pastry with my girls
When I was little, me and my sister would always make pasty with our nanny up the kitchen table. She would make the pasty and we would cut out shapes and make jam tarts while she made sweet and savoury pies. As I got older, I would ring my other nanny for advice on how to make the pastry (the answer was ALWAYS that I was 'playing' with it too much!). So it was amazing to be able to make jam tarts and biscuits with the girls, the didn't look amazing, but we all had such a great time.

5. Cambridge Science Centre Cosmos Summer Roadshow
This week the CSC has a Cosmos Summer Roadshow in Ely. We've been down there 3 days in a row and had some much fun learning about science. I won't spoil it too much as I did write that whole other post, but it was awesome!

6. My new glasses
I love how they look and I'm so chuffed that they came quick. It's great to be able to learn more about my eyes and why a square doesn't look square!

7. Dressing up at Toddler Group
I love moments like this. Me and Kairi just dressing up without a care in the world. Little Explorers is a group I really feel so comfortable in and love to just be myself and play with the girls.

8. Improvising like a pro!
This week I took my Youth Group to the fire station for a visit (those that were with us last summer, loved it!) However once we turned up, the fire people were out putting a fire out so the station was locked up! Luckily me and another lady improvised like a pro and the kids still had the bed time.

9. Playing in the garden with my family
This last one is just a moment to live for. Ryan and the girls came in to get me, I stopped working and went out into the garden with them, they had chalked red on patio tiles and were playing their own version of floor is lava where you had to race across the garden without stepping in the lava. It was so much fun playing together.

What did you get up to this week? Any adventures?

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