Creating a new Home Education area

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Recently we've been looking at how we lay out our front room, especially how we could make the most out of our home education area. At the moment the area is quite small because the opposite wall is full of Ikea Kallax hiding all the recourse we have accumulated.

Our new home education needs to be large enough for the girls to use and not feel cramped, but small enough that it doesn't over power the room. I've had a long thought and broke it up into a few categories.

Are you creating a new home education area for this year? Are you looking for tips? Here's my top 3 ideas.


We need a small table and a couple of chairs for sitting down and working. We don't do a lot of table work at the moment, but the girls love to sit down and 'write' or draw pictures. Some well made oak furniture like a set of nesting tables would work really well in both the home education and front room aspect.

Another option is the Ikea kids table which is cheap but may not last as long as something sturdier.


As I mentioned, we are covered with storage, the Ikea Kallax is perfect. It looks classy and hides away all of our mess. The girls can just dump their bits into a box and it looks like it has all been put away nicely.

I'd also like to get these nice storage baskets from Tesco so the girls can have constant access to their pens and pads.


We have spent a lot of time looking at what decorations we could put up. We wanted something homely, but educational too. In the end, we've decided just to use the printables from Twinkl. Number rockets, letter hot air balloons, colors and a visual time table.

We have a few wooden educational toys like a clock and drawing board that we will leave out because they will both look nice and be helpful for the girls.

I'm loving our transformation so far and can't wait to do more in the future. Whats your home education area like? I would love to know? If you are looking for more Home Education ideas, then head on over.

*This is a collaborative post*

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