Top 5 Essential Party Tips

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Everybody loves a good party, but we often find ourselves wondering if we should host our own parties? Will anybody come? How can I keep my guests entertained? We’ve all been to accidentally memorable parties that are still talked about to this day, where everything clicked and nobody wanted to go home. And we’ve also all been to the kinds of so-called parties where three people swap work stories in the kitchen while the host turns the music down and gets ready for bed during the 10 o’clock news - nobody wants to be the hapless host of this kind of miserable affair. But how can you ensure a rapturous reception? How can you ensure your name will be whispered in hushed and revered tones across social media for months to come? Here’s our countdown of the top 5 essential party tips, so you can be sure you have everything you need to throw the perfect bash this season.


5. Basic foods and plenty of it

Party goers need fuel on the go. And that means nothing more extravagant than finger foods. Think pizza, chips and dips, egg rolls, onion rings, chicken wings, pretzels. And please, we beg of you, don’t include any strange flavours or anything too spicy. Cater for everyone.


4. Cheesy music

You’ll be tempted to bombard your guests with your take on the type of music that makes the world go around. While you may indeed have superlative taste, people in the party mood want to sing-a-long. And that means cheesy classics. Think 70s disco, 80s pop, and 90s dance.


3. Simple drinking games

This one is a given. BUT, the fear is that you could overthink it. Separating the room into two groups and adding flipcharts and magic markers for an epic 40-person game of charades is no way to let the fun flow. Think simple quizzes, beer pong, flip cup, and ‘never have I ever’.


2. Conversation starters

Have you ever been amazed by a peculiar item in someone’s home? An objet d’art, of sorts? Check out mysafetysign's warning sign range for customisable options to place in the toilet, in the kitchen, and on your doors. Give your guests a hilarious selfie opportunity.  


1. Karaoke

You can’t sing, even after one beer you can’t sing. After three beers you can just about carry a tune in a bucket. Did someone say tequila? Now you’re finding your voice. Cocktails and shots? … the rest is history. No party is complete without somebody belting out some off-key Motown.


As a bit of a bonus, we thought we’d suggest one last thing that might just help your party to go down in history among the more legendary ‘hall of fame’ shindigs that mere mortals speak of with a hint of doubt that this actually ever happened. Here’s what you do. Invent a fancy-dress theme and only tell one person. The choices are endless. From the obvious Santa costume and superhero themes, to Elvis, stormtroopers, superheroes, and kids’ characters. Get creative and keep your trickery a secret to make sure everything goes to plan!

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