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Kairi is 5 now and as with most 5 year olds I know, she's in to 'surprise toys'. If its something like an egg, bag or box where you get a character inside, you can pretty much sell it to her before she walks through the shop door! So when learning resources contacted me to ask if we wanted to try their new Playfoam Pals, of course I said yes!

Playfoam Pals Review

Playfoam Pals are cute mini characters wrapped in non-toxic Playfoam. They're the perfect fun imagination toy for kids. If you've not used Playfoam before, it's fab. Playfoam consists on tiny balls that are all stuck together, you can mould it into whatever shape you want and it will stay that way, until the next time you play.

As a parent, my favourite thing about Playfoam is that although it's stick itself, it doesn't leave your kids with sticky hands and is so easy to clean up after. (Believe me, the girls made a shoe and walked it into the carpet!

[caption id="attachment_2650" align="alignnone" width="4032"]Playfoam Pals Review Note to self... don't sit your kids facing the sun when you're trying to take pics![/caption]

Playfoam Pals come in a clear plastic container, on the bottom you can see all kinds of shapes to stamp into your Playfoam. Once we had taken the outer casing off, it was time for the grand opening. The girls quickly dug in and found their prize. As learning resources had sent us four Playfoam Pals (blue, yellow, orange and purple) the girls got 4 mega cute toys. Kairi opened up Roary the Lion and Pearl the bear, while Naminé opened Orlando, the cutest, crocodile and of course she also got a rare golden Pal Kittie!

As soon as their Pals were opened, they both got to work making a 'bed' for each of their Pals. I just love how this activity was purely their imagination and needed not even a nudge from me! As I mentioned above, they also made shoes, but other animals, building and transport too.

Playfoam Pals Review

The Playfoam soon got mixed up, but it wasn't an issue, because it was still plenty of fun to play with and they had their fab Pals too. Check out the video below to see more.

*this is a collaborative post*

Playfoam Pals Review

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