Top tips for staying at Villages Nature Disneyland Paris

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For our last trip to Disneyland Paris mum had booked Villages Nature (Centre Parks at Disney!). Mum had taken a trip for work but as a family we hadn't stayed there and were really excited to check it out.

With its amazing aqua lagoon, indoor kids play area, farm, shops and restaurants, there is so much to do both inside and out. Before we left for Villages Nature I had so many questions. What would the shop on site be like, is there something I should take, whats the pool like, can my kids do everything?! I've gathered up my top Villages Nature Disneyland Paris tips to help you have a magical adventure!

Villages Nature Disneyland Paris Top Tips

- Accommodation is HOT, so be prepared! There is no air con, just fans.

- It’s a HUGE walk around the site and what you think isn’t too bad to walk to your accommodation will be (especially with the Disney walking added on!) so use the tiny car sized bus that loop around site as much as you can, they’re really handy.

- If you use squash, take your own! The stuff in the supermarket on site is so thick and sugary! It’s more like syrup than squash and it's pricey too.

- Go to the welcome meeting! It’s a great place to learn more about the site and grab a little free drink while the kids play.

- The play area is amazing at the farm and not to be missed!

- The swimming pool has free to borrow life jackets for all age kids, so save yourself packing space when it comes to armbands.

- Keep hold of your wrist bands, they fall off easy in the theme parks and are a pain to sort out when you get back to your room. (Welcome centre and reception aren’t open all the time and sometimes no one is there in the morning as you go to parks and when you come back) - which makes getting back on site and into your room a nightmare!

- The family treasure hunt is absolutely amazing! I totally recommend taking kids (and adults) into the gardens, they are huge and full of fun things for kids to play/do/learn/explore!

- There is very little English translation on site. We found this really hard, especially when it came to sorting out issues like the fire alarm and booking activities. It’s not the end of the world, but plan ahead with some translation apps on your phone (the one that translates images was so handy in the supermarket and when reading activity guides!)

- The on-site supermarket is quite well priced to be honest. We ate in a Disney twice for dinner and on-site twice. There was pasta, pizza, meats, chips, desserts, cereals, bread and all sorts.

- You don’t need to pay for kids on the bus to the hotel, but do for adults. It’s €2pp each way. However when you get to Villages Nature you can but a pack of 10 tickets in the welcome centre, I think it was about €15 so saves you €5. The bus picks up and drops off over near the car park (head towards FiveGuys if you’re travelling by Eurostar. Just be prepared to go through security a few extra times.)

- The oven on-site is a microwave oven, it cooks well just takes a bit of getting used to and can take a while. We had pizza the first night and it was a slow dinner! There is a guide on the TV that can help you work out how to use everything in your room.

- If you know you want to eat on-site at Villages Nature before you leave, you can get a deal (which you can’t get once you are there) via the app. There are some really lovely places to eat so it's worth checking out!

- If you’ve not downloaded the app, get it, you’ll be so glad you did! It's handy for so many things while you're there.

- Beware the baths are really slippery and there are no handles, so use the showers when possible. Getting the kids out was a nightmare.

Lastly have a magical trip! The bus to the parks comes regularly and there are so many fun activities to do onsite.


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