5 Fantastic Airport Art Installations Around the World

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Navigating your way through the airport is probably one of the most stressful parts of your summer holiday.

However, aside from tired travellers, airports are often home to incredible art installations. If you find yourself with time to kill before a delayed flight, take the time to investigate what the airport has to offer.

Here are just five fantastic art installations that have found a home in airports across the world. 


1. Kinetic Rain, Singapore 

Singapore is an incredible place to view art installations, Changi Airport is no exception. Located in Terminal 1, Kinetic Rain consists of 1,200 bronze raindrops, each suspended with a motorised mechanism from the ceiling to create a beautiful moving installation

Kinetic Rain took almost two years to create and required a skilled team of artists and programmers. Their hard work paid off, and Kinetic Rain is one of them most mesmerizing installations in the world. 


2. Seoul’s Incheon Airport

Plant life has been shown to reduce stress, so Seoul’s Incheon Airport have installed a beautiful and calming indoor garden. This airport greenhouse is the perfect place to unwind among the foliage before your take off. 

Incheon Airport haven’t stopped there however, if plant life isn’t for you, you could instead enjoy the live performances showcasing South Korean culture. 

Whichever your preference, the arts at Incheon Airport make it a must visit.  

3. London’s Heathrow Airport

As one of the busiest airports in Europe, London’s Heathrow attracts a lot of attention. 

In summer 2019, Mead Construction and Ormiston Wire teamed up with the airport to install an important installation, one that aimed to raise awareness for neuro-developmental disorders. 

The installation was made up of 300 brightly coloured umbrellas, each suspended from the ceiling of terminal 5. While only temporary, this installation signified the creativity that is often on display at Heathrow Airport. 


4. Blue Mustang, Denver

Amusingly nicknamed by locals as Blucifer is the fiberglass mustang sculpture located at Colorado’s Denver International Airport. 

While modelled on artist Luis Jiménez’s own horse, the sculpture actually stands at 32 feet. It began production in 1992 but wasn’t installed until 2008.

It’s bright blue colouring and glowing red eyes gives it an intimidating appearance and a mixed reception, so it’s easy to see why locals gave it the moniker that they did. 


5. Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport

Some airports are satisfied with an art installation, but Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport have taken it a step further and installed an art gallery do display masterpieces for their visitors to view while they wait. 

The art gallery functions as an extension of the Rijksmuseum, and the airport has a wide selection of some the best from the Dutch masters, rotating from the city’s main gallery – so if there’s one you missed on your visit, you may catch a glimpse at the airport.

What is your favourite art installation? Tell us in the comments below.


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