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Something I always seam to struggle with, is what to pack in my hand luggage and park bag. I can't stand carrying around massive bags which are full of loads of rubbish that I 'may use one day'!

Pink Lining Handbag
Instead I've opted to take my Pink Lining Mum On The Run Handbag its small enough that I don't really feel like I'm carrying it, but spacious enough that I can carry everything I will need.

Nappies, Wipes, Disposable Bibs
Each day whether park or traveling I'll be taking 4-6 nappies, I'll always be close enough that I can grab more if need be (plus Disney have plenty in their baby care centers). I usually use Tesco Baby Wipes but for this trip, we have decided to go for Morrisons Mild as Water, we chose Morrisons because their wipes are a lot more soapy/watery than any other brand making them much better at cleaning sticky hands/faces or giving a quick wash on the go!
I am never one for bibs, I had 34 of them before Kairi was born (then got tones more at my baby shower) and never used any of them! However at Disney I want to be able to keep the girls clean for photos all day. I picked up these disposable bibs in boots and will be taking 2-3 out with me a day.

My usual handbag contents
As well as the Disney items that I will be taking along with me, I'll also need an adapted version on my usual hangbag contents including; wish upon a star purse and money, Lipstick, Phone Charger, Cable, Photo, Camera, Tripod, Spare Batteries, Spare Memory Cards and a Pen.

Lanyards, Pins, Badges, Ears and Light Spinners
I'm excited to be pin trading again this year after missing out last year (Ryan started, but my lanyard was at home). We will also be taking along our spare pins so they Kairi can start trading too if she wishes. Although we will probably be wearing these along with our Mickey/Minnie ears and our residents badges (from the groups we are part of on Facebook!) I'll be packing a Lights Spinner for each of the girls, Kairi's is from her Nanny 2 years ago and Naminé's I got from the Disney Store for £5 this year. (Save more pennies for the Parks!!)

Travel Details
While traveling to and from Paris, I will be keeping our travel documents in my bumbag. 4 passports, doctors letters, insurance details, train tickets, rail cards and our booking conformation. This is the most exciting part because it means we are actually going!!

What do you pack in your travel/park bag and have I missed anything? Don't forget to check out our toddler travel bag from last year and our vlog from this year too!

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