What to Pack - Toddlers - Disneyland Paris

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Packing for the girls to go to Disney is such an exciting (but also time consuming) chore! I've spent the past 2 months collecting random items of clothing as I walked round the house (from the tumble dryer, the draws, dressing up cabinet!) and putting it all into a pile ready for the big packing day!

Don't forget to check out last years post on what I packed for a baby and a toddler and this years vlog too! I can't believe I'm packing again this year, but for 2 toddlers!

The day finally came and my goodness did I have such a BIG pile to go through! With so many outfits to chose from, it was a very hard job, however I made it in the end!

So here are the girls week of Disney outfits including the reasons I chose them and where/when they will be wearing them.


On Monday we will be traveling from early in the morning so we need something light and comfy for the girls to wear but also something that is fun and looks cute because we may bump into Minnie Mouse as soon as we get there! We choose these awesome semi-matching top and shirt combos (with white tights) They're great for impromptu pictures with the characters but also just as great for resting, walking and playing whilst traveling.


 Tuesday is our first full day in the park and for an extra treat, we are having breakfast with the characters! So I really wanted the girls to have a cute costume to have their photos in. I picked out these wonderful Minnie Mouse dresses (complete with headbands and white tights) which are absolutely perfect for all the upcoming photos!


 We have nothing extra planned for Wednesday so I wanted something comfy for the girls that they could just enjoy the day in, Something that had a Disney touch, but also didn't matter too much if they got messy. These Minnie dresses (along with red and white tights) are the perfect outfits to run around Pocahontas Park, get lost in Alice's Curious Labyrinth and ride the teacups until were sick!


Thursday will be our last full day in the park so we will be visiting ADC for lunch with the princesses! I desperately wanted the girls to have a cute outfit to go to the lunch so for now I've chosen these awesome Tink-a-bell outfits (however I'm hoping they will get a princess outfit from Disneyland left on their beds by Minnie Mouse!!) I'll leave the white tights in so if they get a different outfit, they'll still go.


Friday we will be traveling home, so I wanted something comfy but also pretty to grab those last snaps as we leave the park. I chose these Disney dresses with a subtle touch (Elsa Frozen dress with silver tight and Minnie check dress with blue tights) to leave the park in style!

Bed Time

 For bed time I grabbed these cute Minnie Mouse 'onsies' (can you see a theme!) Their fleece material so they'll be nice and warm and very fluffy too!

Top Tip!

Fold clothes up and set them into carrier bags for each day, this makes organizing who is wearing what on the morning when you get up, very simple!

Madame Goo Goo Baby Carriers

We will be taking both our Minnie Mouse and our Snow White baby carrier for the girls, both carriers are complete with attached mirrors!

Winter Coats

For outer wear the girls will each have a pair of trainers and a knitted Minnie Mouse hat. They also have a thick winter coat each.

Spring Coats

 If the weather is slightly warmer, we will be going for the same set up but with spring coats. They are leather jackets and still warm, but wont be as hot as the winter coats will.

Not many sleeps now until we are off! I'm so excited I'm struggling to contain it! What would you pack? Is there anything I've missed? Leave me a message in the comments below!

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