CozyPhones Review

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As a parent of two young children, I have spent a lot of time and money trying to find the perfect headphones. So when CozyPhones contacted me offering us a chance to review their fantastic headphones, I knew I had to say yes.

CozyPhones come in 4 types, kids, sleep, sleep contour and active. Each type comes in a number of designs meaning there is something for the whole family. I gave the girls the choice and they both fell in love with the unicorn design (which i was very impressed with because they are so cute.)

CozyPhones Review 
We are a family who loves to go on adventures so we knew our headphones would be tested a lot! When they Cozyphones arrived they were well packaged and came with a small set of instructions.

As I took them out of the packet I was very impressed to find they are washable. I was honestly worried about this at first, but needn't be as the great designers had clearly thought about sticky fingers and messy faces. To wash the Cozyphones its just a simple case of taking the headphones out and sticking them in the wash. The girls were very excited that they were here and wanted to put them straight on.

Cozyphones on a train

Each set has 2 opening at the very back inside of the headphones. You can put your finger in and slide the 'speaker' parts so they are at the right place for your child and then press down to secure, which means you can adjust them as many times as you like (and as the band fits mummy too, this was a few times!) The great thing about the opening being at the back is that I can keep the majority of the headphone cable behind them meaning they are not pulling or chewing it!

The cable itself is very robust and durable. Each set is built with a tough but flexible braided cord and 3.5mm stereo plug meaning it will fit all your devises (Apart from my iPhone 7 without the adapter of course).

The first test came on the train, a massive bonus of CozyPhones is that they fold down small meaning I had more room to add snacks to my bag, win-win. The sounds quality was great, they weren't too loud so wouldn't hurt our daughters ears, but they weren't too quiet that the girls had trouble hearing them over the train either.

Cozyphones on the plane

Our first trip was a success! After accidentally catching old headphone cords and pulling them off numerous times, I was relived to see the girls enjoying their films while able to move and stay comfy in their seats. What an amazingly quiet hour for me. My only complaint was I had nothing to do because I wasn't prepared for them to be so quiet.

As the train had been such a success we were ready to take our CozyPhones on holiday and see how great they were while traveling. As suspected they were fantastic, they kept the girls occupied both at the airport and on the plane, they didn't get too hot as the fabric seamed very breathable so they were also perfect for around the pool.

CozyPhones at Home

Overall we completely loved our CozyPhones and would highly recommend them to any parents looking for the perfect children's headphones.

Don't forget to check out our Instagram: Mummies Waiting to see more photos of our trips and our CozyPhones in use. If you would like to buy your own set, then head check out the link bellow.

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