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Before I went away a few weeks ago, I was reading the Hidden Drives E-book by Chill Insurance and was blown away by the beautiful views like Giant's Causeway Coast, Northen Ireland and Howth Summit near Dublin. (I really should book an Ireland trip soon)

As I looked through the buy propecia 5 mg online propecia pages and stared at the beautiful blues and greens of the photos, I felt like nature was calling me. Reading the book inspired me to start paying attention to the journeys I take. As a passenger I can often get lost in a world of Facebook and mobile apps and miss the beautiful views outside the window.

Islantilla Beach

So off we flew to Faro Airport, where we hopped in a transfer (Hoppa, which you will hear about in our review coming up) and started gazing out of the window. The sights were breathtaking and it has honestly made me realize that I should not use my phone in the car again and just enjoy the passenger experience.
Islantilla Palm Tree

Although the sky was grey at first, there was so much to see. The first thing I noticed was a beautifully unique bridge. Both sides of the bridge came up to a high triangle style point and it made me really think about and appreciate the architectural work which had go in to building it. To my right was miles of beautiful green foliage and ponds full of blue water. Right at the horizon, you could just about see the outline of a town. The whole area was beaming with nature.
Portugal Bridge

As we drove across into Spain the houses changed style and became white squares with a burnt orange roof. There were plenty of cattle grazing and the sky started to brighten. In the areas where people lived the pavements looked perfectly placed, along with beautifully primped trees. So much thought and love had gone in to each street. Fields full of flowers made me smile as we arrived closer to our destination. The sun started to shine brighter and I felt so happy inside.

On our way home, we took one last look out of the plane window and gazed at the coastline. I took a deep breath in and smiled, I couldn't wait to take some beautiful drives and enjoy the scenery back home.
Faro Tui

Do you love to go out for a drive? I'd love it if you shared with us. For beautiful view check out our Instagram: Mummies Waiting

*This is a collaborative post, all opinions and ideas are my own.*

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