Top Tips For Planning a Solo Travel Trip

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As a traveller I love planning my next trip, I long to explore more of the world and solo travel opens you up to a whole world of amazing possibilities (See what I did there!). Traveling alone can allow you to get cheap deals and visit places that most people can only dream to tick off their bucket list, it gives you a sense of freedom and allows you to connect with new people from all over.

It doesn't matter where I seem to be traveling to, I always find myself in situations of making new friends, exploring new places and feeling that excitement that only packing a suitcase gives. But there are many things to think of when doing a solo trip, will you talk to anyone the whole trip, how will you stay safe and what's the best way to get it cheap and avoid that single person supplement fee? Below I'm sharing my top tips for solo travel.

Tip 1: Pack Light

There's only you and that means only you can carry all the bags! That pair of straighteners as well as curlers may seem like a great idea for making you look glam, but when you're dragging that and all your clothes through the airport you'll soon regret it. Pack less and give yourself more freedom to take a different route or change your plans at the last minute.


Tip 2: Create A Plan

If you're by yourself then you're going to want to stay safe during your trip. Taking steps like creating a rough plan to leave with loved ones, taking personal safety devices for travelling and checking in at set points throughout your trip can help you stay safe and allows your family to avoid moments of panic!


Tip 3: Finding A Cheap Deal

If you don't have anyone else to worry about then book your holiday time off and grab your plane seats and accommodation just a few days before. You can save hundreds of pounds by getting last minute standby seats and it could even give you the opportunity to travel in style!


Tip 4: Try Something New

You've got an amazing break ahead of you with NOONE to please. Just you. Try something different that you'd never get to do if you were travelling with friends and family. Are you interested in skydiving or would you like to go scuba diving? Take a fun day trip, just don't forget to check your insurance cover first.


Tip 5: Use Your Weekends

The best thing about travelling solo is being comfortable to go anywhere alone and that means the ability to head off on a last minute weekend away. Disneyland Paris is a quick trip under the sea by eurostar and can be a great weekend (or even 1 day) trip.

Have you travelled solo before? Is it something you'd think about doing? Let me know in the comments below.


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