What To Do If You're Sick or Injured at a Disney Park

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What To Do If You're Sick or Injured at a Disney Park

There’s nothing worse than getting sick or injured right before your big Disney holiday vacation with your family.  This can make you consider canceling the whole vacation, but by doing that, you may risk not being able to rebook or even get a refund. Always follow guidelines and contact your insurer before making a decision on what to do. Everyone has had sniffles during their holidays, even some little boo-boos here and there. Whether this happens before the trip, traveling to the destination itself, or even right during the trip. Whatever the reason may be to cause this illness or injury, this is a guide to help you out with getting yourself or a family member to handle this.

Disney’s First Aid stations

Did you know that every Disney park has a first aid station? If you’re suffering from a headache, a scrape during a ride, motion sickness, basically anything that’s minor then this first aid station can help a lot. You can count on all Disney theme parks having at least one, but most tend to have two to three first-aid stations. No matter how bad the injury or illness is, cast members are not allowed to provide medical attention.

 But it’s usually quite easy to get to these stations whether it’s a short walk or even one of the many provided transportation methods offered at the Disney parks. The first aid stations offer a lot of services such as refrigerating medicine, contact lens solutions, sewing kits, and so much more. While it’s not on the same scale as a hospital or urgent care facility, you’ll still feel assured that your family is in good hands.


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Know there are other forms of help

Depending on what happened to you or a loved one during your grand Disney vacation, just know that you all can get help.  Just like you can get help from a motorcycle accident attorney, you can also get help from a lawyer if any major injuries happen during your time at one of the Disney theme parks.

There are other forms of help you can get as well, not just legal help. Disney also has doctors on call at the park too. They can help you out, but some parks, such as the one in Orlando have an urgent care facility just outside the park. This care facility offers free transportation to those who are staying at Disney hotels within the park.

Get some rest

Whether you’ve been injured or you’re feeling sick, you should not be stubborn. Trying to tough it out is only going to make it worse. While you’re going to know your own limits, it’s important to realize that sometimes, the best thing you can do for yourself is to just get some rest. Sometimes, just taking one day of rest can get you to pack in the parks the next day (even if it is a bit of a slower pace). You want your family to have fun, you want everyone to have peace of mind, and you need to be taken care of as well.  As unfun as it may be, getting a day of rest can do you a lot of good. 

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As a family with disabilities, we know that taking a rest is super imporant and that's why we will be making sure to plan in rest days on our next trip. But we also feel safe knowing that Disney is there for us, should something go wrong,

Most imporatant of all, make sure you're insured! Have you ever been ill on holiday?

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