Top tips for visiting Villages Nature in Disneyland Paris

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Villages Nature at Disneyland Paris is a wonderful place to visit. Giving you the best of Centre Parks and Disneyland Paris, you’ll get to enjoy the rides at the park as well as an indoor water park, play area, gorgeous outdoor walks and more. But what do you need to know when booking a trip to Disneyland Paris Villages Nature? Read on to find out.


The site is stunning and the accommodation is big, it’s perfect for families large and small. However one thing to note is that it can be very hot in the summer. The accommodation has no air con, just fans and to be honest they don’t do much. If you’re a summer traveler, take note and bring some cooling towels with you.

Another things to consider is that the site is huge! It is a long walk around the site and even though transport is provided between some areas, it’s definitely something to consider if anyone in your party is young or has limited mobility. Make sure to get on the (tiny car sized) bus that loops around site, it’s really handy for getting you from A to B and cutting your walk down.

Finally it’s worth mentioning that the baths are really slippery. There are also no handles to help you get in and out, my tip here would be to use the showers when possible!

Food and Drink

As this site is self catering you’ll be fending for yourself. While many people eat in the Disney village or the parks, on your off days you’ll likely want another option closer with less upheaval. Fortunately there is a great supermarket on site which has plenty of fresh and frozen foods. We had one of the best dishes we’ve cooked here because the ingredients were so fresh and delicious.
Another top tip is to take your own squash to drink. The bottles in the supermarket on site are so thick and sugary, they are more like syrup than squash so prepare in advance and bring your own, we like to use those small handbag sized bottles.

The oven in the accommodation is a microwave oven, it cooks well but it takes a bit of getting used to. There is a guide on the TV that can help you which is worth checking out if you’ve not used one before. Alternatively, if you’d prefer not to cook and want to eat on-site at Villages Nature, there are some really lovely places to try. If you’ve decided that you’d like to eat out before you arrive then check out the app to see if there are any deals available.

Using The Site

First of all if you’ve not done it already then download the app. It’s full of great tips, information and deals that can help you make your trip perfect.

As I mentioned above the site is very big and there is so much to do! The best place to start is to head to the welcome meeting. It’s a great place to learn more about the site and grab a little free drink while the kids play. The whole staff team are very welcoming and will happily answer all your questions and give you great advice.

At the welcome meeting you might find out about the amazing family treasure hunt, but just incase you isn’t mentioned, I’m sharing it here because it’s one not to be missed. I won’t say anymore about it except make sure to put away a good portion of your day to really enjoy every moment of this,  the family treasure hunt is absolutely wonderful for children from 6+ and adults of all ages too! It might be too old for very young children, but I totally recommend taking a walk into the gardens because you do not want to miss out on that area. The gardens are huge and full of fun things for kids to play/do/learn/explore!

Another thing not to miss out is the kids play area. I was shocked at this one because it’s so well done. The play area is themed and shrinks your child down into a new world, my only disappointment about this one was that I wasn’t small enough to play too.

So you’ve played, you’ve taken a lovely walk, you’ve rode a horse, now what? Well it’s time for the swimming pool of course. The indoor water park has multiple pools, a climbing wall, water slides and a lazy river. There is just so much to do here you will definitely want to leave plenty of time to explore it. Save space on your luggage and borrow the free life jackets for all aged children.

A final tip for staying on site is that there is very little English translation. We found this really hard, especially when it came to sorting out issues like the fire alarm and booking activities. It’s not the end of the world, but plan ahead with some translation apps on your phone (the one that translates images is so so handy!)

Visiting The Disney Parks

The best part of Villages nature is being able to go to the parks, it really does give you the best of both worlds. My top tip would be to take your Villages Nature room wristbands off after exiting and pop them in your bag to keep hold them for later. The wristbands they fall off very easily in the parks and are a bother to sort out when you return back. The Welcome centre and reception are not open all hours and sometimes no one is on the gates in the morning as you go to parks or when you come back, this makes getting back on site a nightmare if you’ve lost your band.

Finally you don’t pay for children on the bus to the hotel, but you do for adults so bare this in mind when planning for your trip. The fare is €2pp each way, however when you arrive at Villages Nature (or at any point during your trip) you can purchase a pack of 10 tickets in the welcome centre for around €15, saving you €5. The bus picks up and drops off over near the Disneyland Paris car park.

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