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We've had a lovely weekend, we went into Cambridge on Saturday and took a stroll down to the river and visited Thaikhun.

Thaikhun Cambridge

Walking in to Thaikhun, I was immediately impressed, all around me the walls and ceiling were lined with 'hand-picked bric-a-brac' and I felt like I had been instantly transported to Thailand. We were greeted as soon as we entered and given our choice of table (inside, outside, booth or seat). As the weather was warm and we like the privacy a booth offers, we choose a booth inside and were sat where we had a perfect view of both the outside and the kitchen, it also meant we had a wonderful breeze to keep us cool after our warm walk.

booth and walls Thaikhunceiling Thaikhun

After gazing at the amazing menu (Which you can follow this link and take a peak) we ordered our drinks, juice for the girls, coke for me and a matcha green iced tea for Ryan.

Matcha Green Iced Tea - Thaikhun

 Once our drinks were on the table and we had made up our minds, we ordered our meals. Our server was really helpful and would make sure we were aware of things (like the sauce for the girls comes on the side, so we could order it for Kairi to try).

Kids Meal - Mix & Match Tray - Thaikhun

Within a few minutes and our food was ready, first came the girl's meals. Both girls had a Mix & Match Tray which consisted of vegetable sticks for starter and rice, grilled chicken, salad and a sweet BBQ sauce. The girls set to work straight away and loved it (I completely understand why I tried the chicken myself and it was beautiful).

Pork Dumplings - ThaikhunPrawn Toast - Thaikhun

For myself and Ryan we decided to order separate starters but to try some of each others too. Ryan ordered Pork Dumplings which came with a delicious sauce (which we lapped up onto anything else we could find!) and I ordered Prawn Toast which was so good and made me regret my choice to share with him! The Prawn toast had a delightful flavor on the inside and a splendid crunch on the outside.

Chicken, Black Pepper and Garlic Stir fry - ThaikhunGrilled Sea Bass - Thaikhun

After finishing every single bit of our starters we were ready for our main, which turned up promptly. Ryan ordered a chicken, black pepper and garlic stir fry while I ordered the grilled sea bass. Again we had a sneak taste of each others and Ryan's garlic and black pepper chicken was wonderful. However, I have to say my sea bass wins, it was out of this world. Not only was it presented beautifully but it was cooked absolutely perfectly, soft and full of flavor. Tied to first place with my sea bass also has to be my jasmine rice that accompanied my meal. The rice was the fluffiest rice I have ever tried and the taste was to die for.

Waffles and Coconut Sorbet - ThaikhunMatcha Green Tea Sorbet - Thaikhun

Now onto the desserts, sorbet all round! Kairi had a scoop of vanilla and we ordered Naminé a scoop of chili chocolate, which we all had a taste of as it was the most uniquely wonderful flavor. Ryan choose Matcha Green Tea and savored every mouthful, whereas I choose to have Waffles and toasted coconut sorbet. Now after my amazing main, I didn't think things could get any better, but boy was I wrong! The waffle was wonderful, crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside and was filled with what I can only describe as pockets of sweetness. It was the perfect end to the perfect meal.

Thaikhun Cambridge

Overall we had an amazing meal at Thaikhun, the service was impeccable and the food was out of this world. Thaikhun has completely made me want to visit Thailand and we will definitely be back soon for another meal.

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