Products I love

I love a good product, I bet you do too! So I thought I'd make this awesome page to share with you all the fantastic products that we love to use (most of them, daily!) So whether you are just nosy like me, are looking for gift inspiration or just want to treat yourself or your family, check my links out below :)

*This page contains affiliate links, It doesn't cost you anything to click, but if using these put you off buying, then please google and find them elsewhere, I'd hate for you to miss out on these awesome products!*

Products I use each day

I love these 5 products, I use them every day, but they don't fit into any of the other categories so I thought I'd give them their own!
Pictures of the below productsHP Instant Ink - For printer ink delivered to my door before I manage to run out!
Portable Phone Charger - With a week's worth of charges because I run out of power THAT MUCH!
Skull candy headphones - For on the go video editing and singing as loud as I can ;)
Leuchtturn for my Bullet Journal - Becuase this is the only way I can stay organized and then I add a Bullet Journal Pen Loop because I'd lose the pen!



The Kids - toys, games, and furniture!

A selection of things that the girls absolutely love! They use these all the time and I love to join in too! #PlayTimeIsForMummysToo!
Pictures of the below products

Mini Table and Chairs - We use these every day, for craft, reading, home ed and eating, they fit so well in our front room and are so sturdy.
Kidizoom Watch - The girls just love to play with this, it teaches them to tell the time, but the camera is perfect for our little budding photographers!
Wooden Kitchen - Super sturdy and honestly years of fun, this is probably one of my most favorite products!
Dressing Up Cabinet - A cute way to store the girls dressing up, but still, make it accessible. Plus I love the design.
Aquaplay Portable Lockbox - Perfect for indoors or the garden, hours of water play fun and you can combine kits too!
Doll Bath and feeding unit - Naminé spent hours playing with this before she climbed on it and broke it, it has feeding, dressing, and bathing areas.
Bed with Slide - As a child I drempt about a bed with a slide, now Kairi has one and we love it so much!
Happy Land Cherry Lane Cottage - Happyland is such an amazing product, it's fun for the kid, but I love collecting it too.
Tinkerbell DVD Set - Kairi loved tink when she was little and I enjoyed watching it with her, even now we will still go back and watch them.
Animators - These Animator dolls are the cutest princess dolls you'll find, we even have a set of the mini animators too.
Princess Castle - The girls play with this castle daily, it's like a Barbie house but Disney!
Disneyland Magic Of Disney Little People - The Disney castle, it's a small world, Mickey and friends... get them hooked now!!
Disney Castle Little People - Perfect for the Disney lover who likes to play with little figures.
Skuttle Bug - Naminé loves to be active so this was perfect for her, an early first stage bike!
Orchard Toys Board Games - These games are amazing for family time, fun and learning, we love all of them, but especially shopping list!
Disney's a picnic in the woods - A book from my childhood that I bought for the girls and they love too!
Camping Set - For your little mini camper in training!
Mickey's Whos Birthday Is It? book - The girls love this story! It's so much fun lifting the flaps and rhyming along.
Bath Icecream Maker - Making icecreams and bubbles in the bath is so much fun! Hours of play with their favorite bath toy.
Gro Clock - So I don't have to get up at 5am each day!
Melissa and Doug Sand Ice Creams - Making sand icecreams is so much fun (just remember to do it outside!)


Things we could never survive traveling without

As a family who love to travel, we have some pretty awesome kit to use! Here are our favorite and most used travel items.
Pictures of the below productsDisney Life - For Disney movies and shows on the go, download them in advance if you won't have the internet and get discounts for the Disney Store.
My Little Pony Ready Bed - Perfect for sleepovers and camping, we never sleep out without it!
Madame GooGoo Carriers - Great when little legs no longer want to walk or you are off somewhere that a buggy would be a pain!
Cozyphones - The best kids headphones! Soft, comfy and easy to use, best of all they are washable too!
Kids Kindle - We love the kids kindle, it comes with a sturdy case, insurance and tones of apps and videos, it's great for keeping the girls occupied.
Adventure Belt - The safest way for the girls to travel while still allowing me to hold bags, tickets or cases, I never leave home without it!
Toilet Key - Great for those that need a bigger key or something that's easier to get hold off when needing an accessible toilet.
Crutches - Because my candy canes are the cutest crutches around! They're Red!
Kidizoom Action Cam - This camera is great for the girls to take active and fun pics/film and they can take it underwater too!
Self Inflating mattress - It inflates itself in 5 minutes and is the comfiest portable bed I've slept on!


Home Education

Home Educating is both a curse and a blessing. I've lost count of the amount of hours that I've hunted for resources or activities to do. I've collected our favourites and most used below to help your stress-free educating begin!
Pictures of the below productsWe Love
Twinkl - For simple stress-free print outs!
Coloured Tuff Tray - Because our girls love messy play and I love creating the activities!
Tuff Tray with Stand - As the girls get bigger, the stand can get taller so it's perfect for any age.
Test Tubes - Great for a range of different experiments!
Water Beads - I love these oorbee water bead things, they are so much fun to play with and you get so many you don't have to use them all in one go.
Work Books - Kairi loves these books, it's her favorite way to learn and have fun.
Flash Cards - One of Naminé's favorite learning resources, she loves to try and say the words as fast ask she can.
Alphabet Floor Mats - So much fun and so practical too, they brighten up any room and save your floor!
Laminator - I use this all the time along with these Laminating Pouches
Children's Safety Scissors -The girls love to cut and stick, so safety scissors are perfect, we have left and right handed so both the girls have their own.
Velcro Dots - Surprisingly useful in making resources, I'm so glad I bought loads of these as I end up using them all the time!
My First Greenhouse - The girls love to grow their own food and find out where it comes from, so this is a perfect way to do that.
Butterfly Garden - How beautiful! One of the most wonderful experiences I've had, raise a caterpillar to butterfly then let it go. Circle of life <3
Starlight Projector - Kairi loves the stars and this projector is the perfect way to see and learn about them indoors.


On our 'to buy' list!

Primary Measuring Set - To pour, measure and play.
Science Lab - For exciting experiments and fun.
Coloured Counters - Becuase Kairi loves to count.
Counting Colour Teddies  - I remember these from school and know Naminé will love them and have hours of fun counting, playing and sorting.
Jumbo Tweezers - For developing those important fine motor skills.
Magnetic Wands - Because playing with magnets is so much fun!


For the Christmas Lover!

If you've read my blog before, you will likely know that I LOVE Christmas! I have so many Christmas decorations and products I love, but these are by far my favourites.
Pictures of the below productsA Christmas Journey - Christmas Story with Judith and Jed, we read this every Christmas Eve. It has a wonderful tale behind it all.
Christmas Sack and Stocking - Personalised - I love how well made these are and how fluffy and cute they are! Matching stocking with the sacks too!
Cute Fluffy Animal Christmas Socks - These are mega cute, not much more I can say than 'aww'!
Happy Land Christmas Set - We need a nativity set, but we love these amazing Christmas play set.
Christmas Eve Book - To track every Christmas, this makes such a lovely gift and keepsake!
Festive Disney Pillow Cases - I love how perfect these are, combining Christmas and Disney!
Mickey's Christmas Collection - The best DVD set to put your tree up too!
Bluetooth Bauble - I love being able to play my music through this!
Christmas Lights Phone Charger - I love Charging my phone with this!


All things blogging

Bloggers use a LOT of tools, there are so many that I love and use daily, so I've popped them into their own list for you.
Pictures of the below productsBlogging Mentorship - I am moving forward on my blog and it's all thanks to the amazing membership community, the Revolution Inner Circle!
Bluetooth Remote for my iPhone - So I can take photos without having to touch my camera.
Selfie Ring Light - Perfect for filming and taking pictures, to light you up when you're somewhere dark.
Full Height Compact Tripod - This folds up so small, so it's perfect for taking when traveling or using at home.
Christmas Photography Backdrop - For taking the perfect photos.
Sparkle Photography Backdrop - Another one that I absolutely love.
Pocket Colour Wheel - Great if you need to pick brand colors or work out what colors to use on a pin.
Portable Photo Studio - Complete with a lightbar and holdall bag, grab the best quality photo's wherever you are. Just beware of the small sizes, they may only fit a packet of sweets!
Asana - For organizing my tasks and keeping me on top of my blog.
Toby - For amazing tab management on Google Chrome.
Toggl - For keeping track of the time I spend on tasks.
MacBook Air - To blog, Edit Vlogs and be a VA, I couldn't live without it and I'm so glad I made the change from windows!
iPhone 7 - So I can take photos, catch up on social media, work and vlog on the go. I'd be lost without my phone!
Laptop Back Pack - To keep my MacBook safe and my belongings with me.


Products and brands I love love love

So this list is a bit of a long one! It's everything that I own and love but can't fit into the above categories!
Pictures of the below productsLindy Bop Dress - Pretty much any Ophelia dress, I love my green one and poison apples one.
Yankee Candles Including Spiced Orange and Lemon Grass and Ginger - I love Yankee Candles and have so many of them, they smell amazing!
Pepperbury Dress - Because the fit is perfect and they look so pretty too!
Amazon Prime Membership - I use this all the time! Next day delivery, Amazon videos and so much more. Especially around Christmas, so worth it.
Solar Panelled Fairy Lights - Perfect for lighting up the tent when camping, around the bed or anywhere else you want to put them.
Holiday Fluxx - A fun family game that I love to play.
GHD's - The only thing that will straighten my crazy hair!
Yankee Candle Melter with Christmas Melt Cups - Beautiful smells and safe too, exactly what I need with the girls and a dog in the house!
Kingdom Keepers - I love this series, they are my favourite ever books to read.
Coconut Oil - For sore bums, nipples, cooking and so many other things. It's a magic potion!
Window Chalk Pens
- perfect for drawing on windows for Birthdays, Halloween and Christmas!
Yankee Candle Fireside Treats- The small of main street <3


This Years Christmas list!

Christmas is on it's way! So here is our wishlist this year!
Pictures of the below productsFor the girls!

Asus Transformer Book (Mini Laptop) - Kairi is getting to the age now that she wants to learn how to use a computer, so I'm giving her this.
Dolls House - Naminé loves to play dolls house, we got the perfect one for her including animals, cars etc.
Kids Mini Sofa - So the girls can sit together in the front room without their pads screeching down our ears!
Bath Colours - For a bit of fun in the bath.
Kidizoom Kids Camera - Kairi has got really into wanting to use cameras at the moment, so this will be perfect for her.


For me!

Polaroid Cube - I love the cube, it's small, compact and simple to use, but best of all it takes great quality footage and fits on your keys!
Go Pro Hero - Everyone has heard of the Go Pro, it's perfect for underwater shots, action footage, and even daily vlogs. I love the fun in this camera, its not big and bulky, meaning I can pop in into your bag and have it whenever I need it.
Canon G7X - The G7X is the best vlogging camera out there. Perfect for taking pictures and filming out and about, I really need this in my life!!
Capture By Lucy - When my wonderful friend Aby brought me an amazing Capture By Lucy backdrop, I was immediately in love and needed more!
Elegant Theme - Divi is an AMAZING theme, it's so adaptable and can do everything and anything I want. No learning code, no spending hours screaming at Wordpress begging it to do what I need want, just click, type and drag and bingo, there is my beautiful new site and amazingly laid out post.
Virtual Assistant - There is so much to do in a bloggers life, from writing posts to creating images and pinning (and then everything in between!) bloggers work is never done! I want a bit of downtime where I can actually relax knowing the work is still being done! As a VA myself, you could hire me!
My Cloud - Network Access Storage (or NAS) is completely the way forward, you leave it plugged in at home and can access your files from everywhere. We had a My Cloud in the past and it was amazing (until Daddy and the girls managed to CRASH it to the floor!) I need a new one asap, I hate having to delete my files never to have them back!
Portable Laptop Stand - As I blogger I'm always working anywhere and everywhere I can. Often using whatever books, pillows or other items I can find a desk. These portable laptop stands are great for working on the sofa, in bed or out and about.
Photo Studio Box Lights - My house is more than a 'bit' dull! So these are exactly what I need. They will brighten up any space and can easily hide away in the corner when not in use.
Vango Inflatable Air Tent - To make camping a million times easier! One day I will get one of these!
Yankee Candle Cherries On Snow - This smells amazing and I have wanted it for so long!