About Me

Hey there! Hi there! Ho there! It's a Disney Kinda day!

Hi, I'm Jade, here are 7 quick facts about me!


I have been to Disney at least 20 times. I always have another trip booked. Holidays If there is ANY spare money in my bank, you can guarentee my mum will manage to persuade me to book another holiday!


Dogs are my favourite animal, followed closely by sheep. I’d love a sheep in my back garden. Bargains I can’t resist a good bargain. If i’m trying to save money I find the best course of action is just to avoid the shops all together.

Helping People

Helping people is my passion, I’ve always worked and volunteered in my local community and love to help people thrive.


I’m THAT friend… you know, the one who is totally obsessed with Christmas and singing in the middle of the summer.

Home Education

I home educate our girls, sometimes we sit down and do worksheets but mostly we go out and learn hands on.

This is Kairi (K-eye-ree) aged 6 and Naminé (Nah-mih-nay) aged 4. Their names came from the Disney video game Kingdom Hearts. Kairi loves technology, i'm sure she would love nothing more than to sit on her computer all week playing Minecraft, Roblox and Teach my Monster to read. Her favourite colour is currently purple and she is amazing at doing 'chores' and helping out with the house. Kairi wants to work in a sweet shop when she is older, but ask her again next week and she will probably tell you something else! Naminé loves all things animals and little figures. Her favourite film is Jurrasic World Evolution and she still can't get over how those nasty humans left the Brachiosaurus to die in the lava. You can usually find Naminé taking care of her kitty or puppy depending on the day and hanging out with her imaginary friends 'big Cherry' and 'little Cherry' Image We live in the beautiful city of Ely with my husband Ryan and our mini poodle (read 'really noisy pain in the butt', it's a good job we love him) called Coco. Like all mums, my girls are my world and I love nothing more than to spend time with them and travel the world. I want to show them the Egyptian Pyramids and Ancient Rome but I also love to live life to the full and not miss out on those amazing moments too. From Caravan holidays just five minuites up the road to getting the train all the way to Disney, we love to explore and we incorporate travel into our Home Education as much as we can. Rate the food! Cinnamon Bun 100% Toast with melted real butter 92% Spag Bog 7% Pizza 97% Greasy Burger 100% Baked Beans 17% 3 facts about my top loves! Disneyland Paris Christmas Travel 1. I’ve been taking Disney trips for almost 20 years now. First as a child myself, then an adult and finally as a mum taking her own children. 2. The later has been the most magical experience for me. Nothing prepares you for the first time your child says ‘wow’ at the castle or meets their hero for the first time. 3. My passion is to help parents plan stress-free Disneyland Paris holidays to make magical memories that last a lifetime. Why Mummies Waiting? Often people ask me, 'why do you put so many hours into blogging if the return is so litte?' to those people, i say... As I prepared for our first Disney trip with Naminé (who was going to be 6 weeks old at the time) I was filled with dread! Would she be able to go on anything? Would I? Would it mean extra queuing? Could I even breastfeed in France? After hours of Googling, there were no answers. I knew that had to change! My passion for Travel, Disney and helping others came together. I had to make a site where I could help and support other parents, so they didn't feel the same. That is why I put so many hours into this site. I want to help empower parents to have the trip of their dreams and that starts at home in the planning stage. Image "If you can dream it, you can do it" WALT DISNEY Lastly, If you're not sure what you need start here for plenty of ideas. Start Here Or grab some freebies by heading to The Vault. (You and me, we're in a club now!) Head To the Vault © Mummies Waiting 2011 - 2018, Cookies Policy, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy Schedule