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Having an emergency kit and being prepared with a plan, is something that we can all have ready. Yet daily we seem to put it to the end of our to-do-list, never reaching the top and being completed. Then in the event that the emergency happens, we are not prepared. We are left running around without numbers, spare clothes, medication and feeling totally overwhelmed and not in control.

This was me last week. At around 9pm, Ryan had a double seizure and I had to call the ambulance but after that, I wasn't prepared at all. I knew to call 999 and I knew my first aid, but inside I was panicking, my children were screaming and I had no idea what to do.

Once the ambulance arrived, I was no better. I couldn't remember Ryan's medicine dosage, the names, even our phone numbers. Things I knew and used daily were just gone. Then the ambulance took Ryan and I was left running around the house trying to gather up all the items I could possibly need, the majority of which I just couldn't find.

Free Emergency planning book

We left the house, with no idea how long it would take to get to the hospital (1.5 hours in the end!) or how we were going to get home and realised 3 times that we had forgotten things so had to rush back.

This wasn't good enough! We were not prepared and this couldn't happen again. In the past we've been evacuated for fires, I've called the ambulance 3 times and the police, but still my mindset was 'i'll do it later'.

So this week I got to work, I created my emergency kit and planning book which I now keep by my front door. So that in the event of any type of emergency we are prepared and I'm sharing it with you.
Emergency kit

So if you would like your FREE Emergency planning book (including kit list), grab it below!

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